Over 200 youths from across the country (and Canada) are competing for over $65,000 in scholarships this week in Fort Worth. Among them are Trea Rice and Blakley Colgrove... who after two days of competition, have left their competitors in the dust in their respective divisions.

Blakley Colgrove is proving 6 YO '09 CR First Tuff LTE $140,884 is not slowing down any time soon. She leads after the second round with a stellar 228, after tying Ryan Rapp in the first round of the Junior Youth division with a solid 222.  (video coming soon!)

CRFirstTuff BlakleyColgroveJuniorYouth

*This amazing stud is going to be available at the Center Ranch Sigma Standard Fall Sale in October.


Trea Rice hasn't disappointed with a 223 lead in the Senior Scholarship Division. (video coming soon!)

CRSunReys TreaYouthScholarship 

Sale Yearlings Show Great Earning Potential

Yearling Brodmareearnings

Ever wondered what just how BIG Headquarters is?

A Special Thank you to Gary Bob Wood for editing this video together. A true "birds eye" view, it really give a scale to the property!



Team Tuff has done it again...

3Rices Big 5

This time at the Breeders Invitational. Our five stars of the season include '11 CR Too Tuff $53,872'11 CR Missnjethro Woody LTE $40,317,'11 CR Tuff Lucy LTE $142,632, '11 CR Highlight and '11 CR A Little Peek, four of which were Futurity Finalists as well. Each of these incredible horses has had a great season in their own right, including THREE Woody Be Tuff babies, folks! We are excited to see what Ronnie, Boyd and Tarin can do Saturday night at the Open Finals in Tulsa. Its our pleasure to have such talent atop our horses in the show pen, and standing behind us as we continue to promote our stud Woody Be Tuff and develop our training program.

And take a look at this impressive statistics regarding the sires of the Open Finalists.

BreedersInvitational SireStats

Every spring hundreds of horses and professional trainers vie for the elite Super Stakes Open Title. The busy and competitive spring season has already weeded out the hundreds more who took a shot at the December Futurity but didn't pass muster to pursue the next big triple crown event. With that said, the April competition is stiffer and the stakes are that much higher. Center Ranch is excited to share the following results:

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We're excited to share the results of a pretty darn successful year! The stats are accumulated over the calendar year and are compiled, researched, tabulated by Equi-stat, a division of Cowboy Publishing Group.

SIRES All Ages / All Divisions *************************

Sire / #Money Earners / Average $ / Total $ / Top Performers, $

 25. WOODY BE TUFF  18   $17,553,   $315,953

      CR Tuff Lucy, $85,469,
      CR Tuff Boo Bear $42,658
      CR Missnjethro Woody $40,317
      CR Tuff Doc Olena $32,088
      CR Docs Woody Rose $ 28,902 

NOTE: Tuff's progeny have the 2nd highest average earnings of any cutter, with the LEAST number of performers showing! Now THAT'S TUFF!

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What a great night of cutting and special thanks to our friends at Cutting Horse Central for this great highlight video!

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We're excited to share the this years babies, as well as the pedigrees of our anticipated foals.

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