Girl Power - Trea Rice and Blakley Colgrove Leading the Pack in Youth Divisions

CRFirstTuff BlakleyColgroveJuniorYouth

Over 200 youths from across the country (and Canada) are competing for over $65,000 in scholarships this week in Fort Worth. Among them are Trea Rice and Blakley Colgrove... who after two days of competition, have left their competitors in the dust in their respective divisions.

Blakley Colgrove is proving 6 YO '09 CR First Tuff LTE $140,884 is not slowing down any time soon. She leads after the second round with a stellar 228, after tying Ryan Rapp in the first round of the Junior Youth division with a solid 222.  (video coming soon!)

CRFirstTuff BlakleyColgroveJuniorYouth

*This amazing stud is going to be available at the Center Ranch Sigma Standard Fall Sale in October.


Trea Rice hasn't disappointed with a 223 lead in the Senior Scholarship Division. (video coming soon!)

CRSunReys TreaYouthScholarship